About Brigitte

I’ve been guiding men and women towards their goals and making their dreams come true for over 2 decades. My entrance into the dating industry was untraditional, but I quickly realized I brought a unique skill set to my clients that sets me apart from other coaches and matchmakers.

Here’s the whole story: 

Five years ago, at the height of my 2 decade career as a sought after weight loss coach, I was approached by a dating company to work with their 40+ clients as a Matchmaker. It was not completely out of the blue: I had a monthly fitness column on their website geared towards getting back on the dating scene and they knew of my proven track record of successfully coaching my clients to reach their goals.

I was flattered but not interested as I was busy with a full clientele of happy, successfully thinning clients and I was unsure if my skill set was transferable. Here’s how they explained it to me: motivating individuals to get out and date is not so different than motivating individuals to lose weight. New daters, especially the 40+ demographic are reluctant because they know parts of dating, (like losing weight) may be unpleasant, but they have a goal in mind, and it’s something they really want - they just don’t know how to start and could definitely use a cheerleader to guide and inspire.

I was intrigued, partially because I too was newly single, and was wondering why every date I went on felt like scenes out of a comedy, or a horror movie :) I agreed to take on 1 client.

Long delicious story short, I very quickly fell in love with helping others fall in love. In a very short period of time, I had a large roster of new daters who I was matchmaking and coaching weekly. With each date, I saw my clients become better, more confident daters. I was teaching them what to immediately look for in a first date in order to warrant a second date and how to hone in on WHO the best matches were for them, and WHY. Most importantly, my clients were happily coupling.

This is the only business where losing clients is actually a good thing. 

I lost a lot of clients but knew I had the secret sauce to inspire, guide, and make change happen. 

I can teach you too. It’s a great time to fall in love. You just need to raise your hand and ask for help.

Ready to CHANGE your dating life?

Change cannot happen unless you are open to doing things differently. And you know what they say about insanity and doing the same thing over and over...

IF you want different results, try something different. I can show you how. Reach out and tell me about you.