Finally Master Lasting Weight Loss Without Giving Up The Foods You Love...

 Revamp Your Diet With The Diet Quick-Audit And Start Losing Weight In Just 2 Sessions...

What is the Diet Quick-Audit?

The Diet Quick-Audit is a personalized, in-depth evaluation of your current eating habits and weight loss efforts designed to give you an individualized plan of action and the necessary guidance you need to finally jump-start your lasting weight loss and put you on track to achieving your goals. The Diet Quick-Audit is delivered through two private one-on-one, 1-hour online consultations that you can schedule at your convenience. 

Here's What You'll Get…

  • ​… an exact step-by-step food plan designed to get you to your goal weight and stay there forever.
  • … the proven tools to increase your willpower that allows you to eat your favorite foods so you're in control of your food instead of food controlling you.
  • … a personalized strategy that you can master that does not involve dieting, miserable hunger or eating foods you don't like.
  • … access to your very own personal food coach who will provide the focus, guidance, accountability and motivation you need to achieve immediate lasting, measurable results.

The Diet Quick-Audit is Right for YOU if you are…

  • ​… aggravated with your diet and cannot figure out what you are doing wrong.
  • … confused by all the contradicting advice telling you what you should or should not eat!
  • STILL trying to lose the SAME 10, 20, 30 or more pounds with little or no success.
  • … totally frustrated and seeking professional guidance to overhaul your personal eating plan so you can start seeing real results that will last forever.

You'll Learn…

  • Why your current food plan is sabotaging your weight loss.
  • Why the food choices you make may actually be making you GAIN weight.
  • What you need to change to reach your goals to NEVER DIET AGAIN.
  • Why you do not need to be condemned to eating bland, boring, “diet” foods.
  • Why cookie-cutter programs don't work and DOOM YOU TO FAILURE.
  • Why the same things you did to lose weight when you were younger don't work today.
  • How you can eat the foods you love AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT
  • Why working with a skilled personal food coach will enable you to achieve the  BENEFITS YOU WANT.
  • Why only a food plan designed EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU is ultimately the ONLY WAY to achieve the lasting results you want.

So How Much Does the Diet Quick-Audit Cost?

The program normally costs $497.00.  Discount available when purchased with a coaching package - inquire for details.

Are YOU READY for REAL CHANGE? If so then here's WHAT YOU NEED TO DO...

  • STEP 1 - Click on the red button below to purchase and schedule  your private one-on-one Diet Quick-Audit with me.
  • STEP 2 - Select and confirm the date and time for the initial consult that works for you.
  • STEP 3 - After you've scheduled your initial consult, I'll send you a secure link to fill out a detailed personal questionnaire. Simply complete and submit the questionnaire via the web at your convenience at least 48 hours before your initial consult.

I've made this program as convenient and easy as possible for you to achieve success.  Both Diet Quick-Audit consults take place either by telephone, or via FaceTime or Skype where we can also see each other as well - it's your choice! 

What clients are saying...

 Lorri P. New Hope PA

Brigitte has motivated me beyond words. She introduces changes in doses and once you string together a series of minor victories, big changes show up!  She has helped me develop new habits that give me confidence in myself and my new way of thinking, moving and eating. 

Christen C. New York NY

I went to Brigitte to lose weight in time for a wedding, and she became my lifelong coach, mentor and friend. She taught me HOW to satisfy my cravings and that when it comes to eating and life, I get to dictate the direction. Meeting Brigitte changed my life.   

Patricia R. Doylestown PA

Long overdue, here's what working with Brigitte can do. With 45 pounds less of me, my pants are a size 8. (Kept it off for nearly 3 years so far.) Most importantly, I am off ALL my hypertension meds. Working with Brigitte has been transformative.               

The "I Hate Celery Sticks (IHCS) Strategy" is a life-changing plan that redefines the approach to successful permanent weight loss. A smart, manageable, and realistic road map for you to follow, the IHCS Strategy enables you to master control of your eating, lose weight, and keep it off forever, without making unrealistic compromises. To be clear, it is not a one-step process and is not achieved overnight. It however does not involve crazy gimmicks, stupid ideas, hocus pocus, or miracles. Start today with the IHCS Diet Quick-Audit and you'll be well on your way to enjoying lasting weight loss and creating the life you dream.


I am big on results and my mission is to bring you closer to your goals. My commitment to you when you participate in this program is to give you the foundation needed to achieve your goals. With full confidence in The IHCS Strategy and absolutely ZERO hesitation, I guarantee that if my program does not help motivate, inspire, or move you to take the preliminary steps towards reaching your goals, I will return the program fee to you, no questions asked, no prank phone calls, no hard feelings.