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Mastering The Art of Weight Loss

Beautiful Diet: Mastering the Art of Weight Loss – A Riverflow Yoga Workshop with Brigitte Weil

“You can eat the most specialized diet divinely prepared, yet it will do you no good if you are out of alignment as you are eating it. Alignment is the basis for everything.”- Abraham Hicks

Weight loss does not happen by accident.

There are specific steps you can take everyday but nothing will change until your attitudes about eating, enjoying, and being nourished, are transformed.

Learn how to:
• Shift from stuck to unstuck
• Adopt a nourishing mindset
• Erase old beliefs about weight and body
• Challenge conventional weight loss strategies
• Create new, positive, results-focused attitudes
• Develop an achievable plan
• Strengthen your discipline
• Ensure your lasting success

When: SATURDAY MARCH 11, 2017 12PM – 2:00PM at Riverflow Yoga, Lambertville NJ –


RSVP: Brigitte@brigitteweil.com      * SPACE IS LIMITED TO 15!

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