My Top 10 Thanksgiving Survival Tips

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for the simple reason that there is always, very fortunately, a lot of great food and if you have been following me for even just a little while, you know I love to eat.

I have spent years- no, decades- fighting the food demons and Thanksgiving was one of those occasions that never left me feeling great, especially the day after.

It took me years to embrace my passion for eating instead of fighting it and learning that we can be completely satiated with smaller portions of fabulous food instead of avoiding our favorites altogether was life-transforming.

Today I can say that I have put my food issues on the shelf so I could make room for what the day is really about: gratitude.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year and I’m especially thankful today as I write this to YOU.

Thank you for letting me in, letting me share my story, and giving me the opportunity to help you re-write yours.

Here are my essential Thanksgiving tips to insure your day is filled with peace, sanity, and great food.

1. Start the day off with getting on the scale as soon as you awake. Make your goal to see the same number on Friday.

2. Do not skip breakfast that morning (or ever) and eat something high in protein, such as an egg white omelet or protein shake or Greek yogurt with fresh fruit which will fill you up for a longer period of time.

3. Plan ahead. You probably have a good sense ahead of time at what foods will be served. Pre-commit to what or how much you will eat. Having an intention – saying it or writing it down – insures more likelihood that you will follow through.

4. Do not arrive at the Thanksgiving table famished. This is a huge set up for a feasting failure. Eat something an hour before such as a cheese stick, hard-boiled egg whites, fresh fruit, a protein bar, or a big green salad.

5. If the meal is in your home, pull out your Tupperware or invest in disposable containers and lids so leftovers can leave your house with appreciative guests.

6. Do my 1 Day Water Challenge: Commit to 1 glass of water for every hour from morning to night. Put it in a fancy glass while you are celebrating, and keep it near all day.

7. Follow the 70/30 rule. Have turkey on 70% of your plate and fill the other 30% with the other classic sides. What about all those sides? The sides are my favorites because they are not the kinds of foods I would normally eat throughout the year,so I wouldn’t want to miss out. One heaping tablespoon of each side available will equate the 30% rule. And for dessert, choose the one or ones that you absolutely adore and serve yourself a sliver. And then walk away from the table.

8 If you are asked to contribute to the meal in someone else’s home, contribute one of your favorite sensible dishes that will offset some of the other usual Thanksgiving suspects.

9. Follow the 5 Minute Rule when you’re debating whether to go for seconds, or eating something when you are no longer truly hungry:  take 5 minutes to walk away and reconsider your fitness and/or weight goals and contemplate if what you are about to eat brings you closer, or further away from your goals. Take 5 minutes, make a decision, and get back to enjoying your holiday.

10. Be mindful. Move slow. Try stillness. Don’t let food jump in your mouth. Stretch. Don’t rush. Sit. Breathe. Take the time for yourself to take notice of the many gifts that surround you, some more obvious than others.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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