Jessica, 52, NYC

Brigitte is organized, knowledgeable, professional and conveys real warmth and attention. Her feedback was given in a constructive way that has helped me make better choices for myself.

Anna, 60, CT

Thoughtful, insightful, smart and is capable of intuiting what traits a candidate has beyond the checklist which have the potential to create rapport.

Vanessa, 55, NYC

Smart, invested in her work, gets people. Great communicator.

Sara, 64, NJ

Brigitte is very professional and proactive. She listens well, and is respectful, nonjudgmental, positive and responsive.

Andrew, 62, NYC

Top notch dating professional! 

Deb, 49, PA

Great listener, sincere desire to accommodate client’s needs and wants and provide experienced advice where appropriate.

Lisa, 57, CT

Brigitte was able to interpret my likes/dislikes and translate that into very thoughtful matching. Her background provides her with keen insight; she 'got' me and fixed me up with people with whom I could build rapport, not just people who had similar interests. This is a very impressive talent. 

James, 55, Westchester

She is a patient listener, probes beyond the surface and was incredibly responsive. I highly recommend working with her.

Marilyn, 45, PA


Betsy, 44, NYC

I married my highschool sweetheart and actually NEVER went on a real date. Brigitte showed me the ropes.

Larry, 59, DC

I consistently started relationships with women that had the same qualities as my ex. Brigitte taught me how to recognize those traits, and how to politely extricate myself to make room for more ideal matches. 

Jenn, 49, NJ

Now I know how to walk into a first date feeling like a million bucks!