Stop wishing, start doing. I'm here to help.


Here's the deal...

...most men are drawn to women that are attractive, but not necessarily attractive in the way you are thinking.

Men are attracted to women who find themselves attractive and confident. And the path to being attractive starts with the photos you share, the profile you put out there, the attitude and words you choose in your messages before and after meeting, along with feeling strong, confident and happy with what you see when you look in the mirror as you get ready for a date. 


Turning dreams into reality...

Our Date Coaching includes services we pre-determine together based on your goals, desires, and needs.

During our first session, we iron out your goals and pick and choose from the services listed below to create a personalized coaching plan of action that supports and guides you to become a great dater and wildly increases the odds of meeting Mr. Right. 


Together we'll personalize your coaching package based on your is a list of services to choose from:

  • Profile Writing Makeovers…What To Say/What To Avoid
  • Photo Selection…What To Absolutely Show, What To Never Show and Why
  • Perfecting Your Dating App Connections – Which Apps are Best For You
  • Getting Wardrobe-Ready…What’s Hot/What’s Not
  • Networking In Hidden Places…How to get your friends/colleagues/family to date recruit for YOU, without crossing any lines or feeling like a loser 😊
  • Creating Your Elevator Speech…how to best describe yourself in 5 minutes that makes your date want to know more!
  • Sexting/Flirting 
  • Food and Fitness coaching 
  • Mock Dates – constructive post-date feedback from my candid wingman
  • Date Etiquette / do's and don'ts you MUST know
  • Smart Safety Measures 
  • Date Extraction- the big takeaway - what is important to learn from every date - why there's no such thing as a bad date!
  • Matchmaking with Eligible Available Candidates from my Private Database
  • Pre and Post Date Feedback Sessions

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Brigitte Weil, Date Change Agent